$A\right)$ $260+25\times 10$ $B\right)$ $10\times 240\div 3$ $03$ $800$ $C\right)$ $260\div 10\times 25^{00}$ $b50$ D) $\right)\right)$ $48\times \dfrac {3} {12}x$ E) $\right)$ $240\times 3\div 10$ $F\right)$ $260\times 3\div 10$ G) $1$ $y\right)$ $12\times \dfrac {48} {3}$ $\times $
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search-thumbnail-2. John brought 2 to sclool. 4) knifes b) knive
TEST YOURSELF CO NOUNS Choose the right optionะ 1. Ihad two for lunch todav. a) applees b) apple เc) ) akpnipvlees s 2. I was Stared berause John brought 2 to sclool. 4) knifes b) knive 3. My favourite MacDa meal is a Big Mas with d) fryes t) frys ()fries 4. In my family there are niore than females. a) mails b) niales () mals 5. New Zealand has a lot of P (s udg (s 1adsc) sheep 6. Thhere are ทาany here. a) lys b) flies c) lyes 7. We always have for dinner. a) potatocs b) potatos c) potato 8. Wecaught a lot of yesterday. a) fishes b) fishs () fish 9. My mother $sa\left(raidot$ a) ice t) ทmouts $10.1lis0nlytor$ ส) maาs b) rnan 3 (u แ 11. In ภาy clas5 there are mาany a) children b) childs c)chills 12. $D0yoakno$ where my a) keyes b) keys t) keies 13. $1hercMcre12$ in the tray. p (อ ่ืชอ3 (อ ืช $14.|like$ เThey are so unny to watch. ส) monkies b) ทionkeys 15. $xauha1e$ lins like ส) cherryes b) cherries cc) ) cmheaenrkyes yes 16. $115nOrmA$ $a|toha\times e2s$ a) tooths b) terthes 17. There are three a) dice b) die c(c) ) ) dtpeihectoeth s o 18. How ITmany did yau take at the party? a) photoes b) photos 19. We hought three $to\pi dinner$ a) salmones h) salmoา () 5almmons $20.Do,ou$ know $lemth6$ $ere\pi om\right)$ a) thieves b) thiefs d) thtefes 21. Both niy a) foots () feeds cook 22. Out of seenteen students $s$ $hrcebtxam1t$ a) cheves b) chefs c) $23.lnn$ class $lncmar9ginlsand10$ b) boyes ง (q olaS $24.1lo\times e$ - $Heydenice$ $hcnitishat$ a) trics b)trees c)thres 25. arte wtsor tปาarn nern. d) เwornans b) wirticn ) wonmen $26.Alolot\left(hckidshdd$ a) lice b) lices c) lies BK