$8\right)$ $m^{6}-343$ $10\right)$ $x^{4}-8x$ $12\right)$ $\left(x$ $+1\right)^{3}$ $-\left(x-3\right)$ $\left($ $\tarc{14\right)} $ $\left(x+2\right)^{3}+\left(x-1$ $16\right)$ $a^{6}$ $-$ $27b^{3}$ $18\right)$ $x^{6}$ $1$ $CA$
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search-thumbnail-19. My carbroke down yesterday. I hope the mechanic (guick)
correct $t0rm-Ad$ Fill in the Adjective $oradverb$ 1. My cousin helped me paint the walls. He's done it very - (nice) 2. Mum always dresses $beautifu$ 3. He felt $sohestaye0$ $athome$ (sick) 4. The doctor said that that the wound looked very (bad) 5. Have you been to the cinema ? (late) 6. The boys always greet (friendly) 7. 've finished writing the book. (ntehae r) 8. He is a intelligent boy, probably $bestintheclass.\left(hiah$ 9. The girls wore coloured skirts. (bright) 10. The headmaster has a very. voice. (loud) 11. That hamburger tastes - (awful) 12. When we got home from the airport we were all very (sleepy) 13. We ran as as we could. (fast) 14. The game had begun when $tstatedtorain$ ((ehaasry) d) 15. The exercise wasn't very difficult. We did it 16. She jumped around when she heard the news. (happy) 17. Mr Smith looked when he came into the room. (angry) 18. The soup tastes (wonderful) 19. My car broke down yesterday. I hope the mechanic can fix it (guick) 2201. . He became world champion because he races very (good) She told me that I shouldn't work sO (hard) 22. The ball stopped of the goal post. (short) 23. Jane sat there waiting for someone to come. (silent) 24. Australians and $NewZealanders$ are related. (close) 25. They alwayS get home in the evening. (Iate) 26. | felt about $myfina|e$ exams. (bad) 27. In the $∪SAfoodisnotas$ $asinEurope$ $expensive\right)$ $-$ 28. She sent her mother money (regular) 29. Does you car run fast enough to do in the race? (good) 30. She stayed even though she looked rather 31. We left the party because we had to catch the $\dfrac {\left(calm,anqw} {train.\left(ea}^{\right)}rly$ early) 32. $Then0ve$ is written. (interesting) 33. $1tninky9$ you have practiced $to0mucH$ (late) 34. The jewels have $disappeared$ (mysterious) 35. John is a pretty $tennisp|ayeF$ (good) 36. Everything went, (wrong) 37. The driver of the car was injured in the accident. (serious) 38. Mr Higginร is upset about losing his keys. (terrible) 39. He looked at me as he told me the bad news. (sad) 40. She was to him when she heard that he had lost his job (friendly, unexpected)