DIRECTIONS $Banck$ $H0s2^{°}+a$ $Ain$ $0x+$ $5Ra1n9+a+i0n$ 1 Poot office $-Mhee$ is the go $5txaignt$ two blocks and turn $lef+0^{T+1}3$ on our left. 2 Where 1 the block and $to\left(nle8+0^{T+1}5$ on your right go $st\times ai9h+$ one $3=\sqrt{} \sqrt{here} $ tiws o the go $3ixa^{°}19n+$ blocks and turn $lef+0T1,9$ $0n$ $1100r$ $1efk$ $1-Nhcxe$ $0$ ig the go Straight three $bloek3$ and $2$ $\bar{4s} \left(n$ $x^{2}gn+0^{-5+5}$ on your right 5- There is the go straignt one block and $toxn$ $righa^{I+'}3$ $on$ $110v\times lef\right)$ 6oWhere is the go straight two blocks and turn left . It's on your right.
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search-thumbnail-Remember that your backpack is the last one to enter the car and thefirstonet0 leave it. Also avoid putting it into the
#COBAEVmellenaDeOrgullo Remember that your backpack is the last one to enter the car and $thefirstonet0$ leave it. Also avoid putting it into the trunk if you are hiking alone, or if the driver has an opportunity to drive away with your $vggage-th0wgh$ sometimes tth his is simply not an option. It's a good idea to keep the door open while you get your bag from the trunk. It's actually much more likely a hitchhiker forgetting their own bag or other objects than theft. Better take it with you when you go to the rest room as when you come back the car might be gone, even just due to the driver getting told to park somewhere else and now you can't find him anymore, etc. Keep your backpack close to you (i.e, on your lap), so you can $grabitity0uneeG$ to get out quickly. Road Safety Wear well visible clothes, stand $ata5at0sp0t$ be careful while walking on the road. Aim to leave the vehicle at a safe spot. countries. People $wilnotnotice$ $to0$ you, thus they will not pick you up and Do hot hitchhike on the highways in $Mesterncou$ there have been accidents. It is very $dangθrousand$ often illegal, Leaving the Vehicle Early when you are on the road, if the situation gets bad for whatever reason $andy0udon$ want to be in the vehidle then find a way to leave. Get the driver to leave you $attnen$ next good hitchhiking spot (choose it yourself, don't rely another safe area such as a city where you can contact people you know on the driver to choose it for $y0u\right),orinan0$ use hospitality exchange organizations, or take public transport. Remember that if for whatever reason you are not wearing your seatbelt and the car is moving, the driver can distract or injure you by braking so that you hit your head. If you feel uncomfortable, remember that you don't have to stay in the vehicle, and you don't owe it to the driver to travel the full distance agreed upon. Good get-out tactics include faking travel sickness, or stating that you've changed your mind and want to do something else. Stay calm and be polite but direct, and most drivers will respect your wishes Hitching in Extreme Climates The climate poses an entirely separate danger to hitchhikers. As a hitchhiker you may find yourself in the situation of being stuck in an extremely hot or cold place, both of which are potentially fatal if not dealt with appropriately. Extreme Cold Driving in the cold can be particularly risky, let alone hitchhiking. $1ftravelinga$ long distance, it is advisable to have a backup plan, to avoid being stuck outside at night. If there is a significant chance of being stuck outdoors for a long time, then you must take precautions. Having plenty of warm clothes, hat, gloves and thick boots are a must for the daytime. If there is a risk of being stuck outside at night, try finding a host, either on the Internet prior to leaving, or else at a hostel if there is one. You should bring money with you for emergencies. If you absolutely must sleep outside, then you will need to acquire a heavy sleeping bag - a 5 season sleeping bag is not too expensive. $BesurG$ to set up camp in a covered area - such as in a forest or under a shelter, and make sure it is sheltered from the $wind,Aga$ lamp will also assist in heating you up. You might want to learn how to start a fire Extreme Heat dehydration and sunstroke in The extreme heat $posesagreatriskofdehy$ $esinthe$ world. You absolutely the summer months in many countries must bring plenty of drinking water. Try to have no less than 4L of water with you per day. If there is a risk of being stuck in direct sunlight for a long time, bring sunscreen, and perhaps also an umbrella, particularly if there are not many trees $around$ 40- 20 $5ourcc$ 0 4 $h$ $ps/mitchMikdorg/an/Hitchhker6275$ safety