CHAPTER 1. General Provisions


Article 1 [Purpose]

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) set forth the rights, duties, responsibilities and procedures between Mathpresso Inc. and users of Qanda application and relevant services.



Article 2 [Definitions]

The terms used in these Terms of Use shall be defined as follows:


"Service” refers to all services provided by Qanda’s application and its websites ( including asking questions, providing answers, searching for collection of problems, and notes about correct/wrong answers


"User” refers to customer who access Qanda service and sign the “Usage Agreement" with Mathpresso Inc that is created in accordance to these terms


"Paid user” refers to users who purchased products with an expiry date


"Student user” refers to users who registered for Qanda’s student account and use the application voluntarily for study and research purposes


"Teacher user” refers to users who registered for Qanda’s teacher account and use the application for answering questions purpose


"Manager” refers to Mathpresso Inc. or a person selected by Mathpresso Inc. for managing overall operations of the services


“ID” refers to the combination of letters and numbers set by the user and approved by Mathpresso Inc. for user identification and service provision.


"Password” refers to combination of letters and numbers used by the users himself/herself to verify and protect their account confidentiality


"Coin” refers to service reward that is given to the users for the completion of certain events based on Article 17


"Question post” refers to informational writings, photos, various files and links in the form of code, text, voice, images, videos, that are posted in Qanda’s service by users to ask the questions


"Answer post” refers to informational writings, photos, videos, various files and links that are uploaded to Qanda’s service by users to solve the questions


"Answer selection” refers to selection of “answer post” that satisfies certain conditions (answer that is intended for user who posted the question; answer that does not receive response from the user who posted the question within certain period of time)



Article 3 [Notification and Amendment to these Terms of Use]

  1. These terms will be posted on the “Notice” section of the Qanda’s app and (“website”)
  2. Mathpresso Inc. may modified these terms as necessary following the guidelines set by "Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions”, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection”, etc
  3. In case of amendment to these terms are made, Mathpresso Inc. would notifiy the users through website’s bulletin board or email, 14 days before application date.
  4. Users have the right to stop the usage of service and close the account if the users do not agree to the amended terms


Article 4 [Notice to Users]

  1. In the event that a user needs to be notified, Mathpresso Inc. can do so by sending the information to email address used to sign up for Qanda service; push messages, wired or wireless networks. Mathpresso Inc. can also choose to post the notice in the website’s bulletin board for 14 days or more. For the matters that have significant impact related to users transactions and website usage, user can be notified separately for 30 days or more using the same method as mentioned on preceding paragraph.




Article 5 [User Registration]

  1. Those who wish to sign up and use the service provided in Mathpresso Inc., after reading and understanding the terms and conditions provided, would need to request for registration and choose “Agree” on the users registration form. In case necessary, Mathpresso Inc. may request for real name confirmation and identity verification through identity verification institution.
  2. Those who request for registration shall provide accurate personal information. The applicants shall be responsible for any disadvantages and legal liabilities that results from entering inaccurate/ false information
  3. Users must be at least 19 years of age to be considered as a Qanda Teacher.
  4. If a user’s membership has been previously revoked, has used fake/ another person’s name, or any other reasons that can prevent from the user to be accepted, registration could be rejected.
  5. Mathpresso Inc. may withhold the registrations due to its service-related facilities, and other technical and operations reasons, and will inform the decision to the applicants.
  6. In case of violating Article 9 [Members’ Obligation], Mathpresso Inc. may cancel the acceptance of membership that has been approved previously.


Article 6 [Change of User Information]

  1. User can view and modify the personal information anytime in “Edit Profile” function on the Qanda app.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be liable for any disadvantages resulting from users’ failure to modify the changes mentioned in the preceding paragraph.


Article 7 [“User’s” Responsibility for Management of “ID” and “Password”]

  1. Users shall be responsible to manage their own ID and password, and the information shall not be disclosed to the third party.
  2. Users must notify Mathpresso Inc. immediately after they have recognized that their ID and password has been leaked and used by a third party.
  3. In relation to preceding paragraph, Mathpresso Inc. may request users to take necessary measures, such changing the passwords to protect users’ personal information and prevent any malicious use of the services. Users shall immediately comply with the request from Mathpresso Inc. in a good faith. 
  4. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be liable for any disadvantages resulting from users’ failure to fulfill his or her duty in a good faith following the provision of Article 2 and 3.


Article 8 [Termination of Service Use Contract”]

  1. If a user wishes to cancel the Service Use contract, he or she can do so by applying through Qanda app or its website or direct call through Mathpresso Inc. After receiving such request, Mathpresso Inc. will take measures without delay in accordance to this agreement
  2. Mathpresso Inc. may terminate the Service Use contract if the user violates these Terms or related Acts. 




Article 9 [Users’ Duties]

If a user violates his or her obligations from any of the following paragraphs, Mathpresso Inc. may suspend the use of all or some parts of this service for a limited time period, or cancel the Service Use contract. In this case, related posts would be deleted. In addition, Mathpresso Inc. may take legal measures or report to Cyber Terror Response Center if deemed necessary for posts as following:

  1. Registering for illegal promotional spams
  2. Disclosing or posting any obscene or violent messages, videos, voice, or other information on our Service platform
  3. Acts that undermine the well-being, order, or the morals of the society, and disseminating information related to those acts by posting it in the form of sign, letter, voice, sound, video or other
  4. Acts that defames or interfere the service of Mathpresso Inc. and other third parties
  5. Infringing the intellectual property of Mathpresso Inc. and other third parties including copyright
  6. Embezzlement of other people’s information
  7. Acts of having users’ own ID and password to be used by a third party
  8. Engaging in commercial activities such as selling goods or services using Mathpresso Inc.’s service
  9. Interfering with another users’ service use or impersonating Mathpresso’s manager, staff or any person concerned
  10. Interfering with Mathpresso’s service on purpose by sending large amount of information or promotional information
  11. Violating relevant laws and other provision sets in these Terms
  12. When being reported by another users more than once due to rude, obscene, abusive remarks
  13. Other acts that are unjust or interfere with Mathpresso Inc’s services


Article 10 [Provision and Change of Service]

  1. Qanda’s service is provided 24 hours a day through the year in principle.
  2. Mathpresso Inc’s may change its Service for significant operational or technical reasons.
  3. Users would be notified of the reason and the details of the change if the service is changed according to the preceding paragraph.


Article 11 [Provision of Information and Posting and Posting of Advertisement, etc]

  1. Mathpresso Inc. may provide various information deemed necessary during the use of service by posting it on the website, through e-mail, or via phone, etc.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. may post advertisements regarding its Service on Mathpresso’s website, Qanda application, etc.
  3. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be liable for any loses or damages resulting from participation in, communication or transaction with advertisers’ promotional activities through its Services.


Article 12 [Posts]

  1. “Posts” refer to information such as writings, photos, pictures, videos, various links, comments posted on Qanda’s service, including “Question posts” and “Answer posts”.
  2. “Question post” in principle shall be hand-written or self-typed. If you need to quote, the source should be revealed.
  3. “Answer posts’ shall be self-written and in the form of image using the users’ own handwriting, figures, text and graphic tools. They shall not be modified, reproduced, or edited from other copyrighted sources. In the event of violation to the rules, users who upload the “Question post” should report the case before “Answer selection”, or to Mathpresso’s service center after “Answer selection”.
  4. The rights to “Answer posts” written by users after “Answer selection” are reserved for Mathpresso Inc.
  5. Posts may be exposed to users in Qanda’s search service. Users who has uploaded “Question post” can change his / her information, delete the posts made from their own account, or request to exclude the post from search results through the service center. Since the “question posts” are not deleted automatically even after deleting the account, the users who wish to delete their posts should do so before deleting the accounts.


Article 13 [Management of Posts]

  1. Users who upload “Question post” cannot delete their posts if it has at least one answer post or comment made in relation to the posts.
  2. “Question post” that has at least one answer post or comments can be deleted from the users’ account who created it. Users can request to exclude the post from search results through the service center, however the coins used for the questions would not be returned.
  3. Even if there is no request from the user, Mathpresso Inc. may take the measures such as deleting the posts in the event of infringement rights violation, or terms and relevant laws violation in accordance with applicable laws.
  4. The followings posts may be deleted by the administrator without prior notice.

(1) Posts reported by other users

(2) Posts that have 2 questions or more in one Question photo

(3) Posts that are uploaded consecutively for at least 3 questions under 1 minute

(4) Same question posts that are uploaded multiple times, except for the question post with the replies

(5) Answers not related to the questions

(6) Posts unrelated to learning, such as photos of people, messages asking for personal information, and photos revealing personal information

(7) Posts asking for money transaction

(8) Posts that offend others, including abusive language


  1. A person whose legal interests have been violated by information posted on Qanda’s services may request Mathpresso Inc. to delete the information related or upload rebuttal post. In this case, Mathpresso Inc. will take necessary measures without delay and notify the applicant immediately.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. has the right to use and modify the users’ posts on our website and application for marketing-related purposes


Article 14 [Copyright]

  1. Copyright and publishing rights of “Answers posts” after “Answer selection” are reserved to Mathpresso Inc.
  2. Users shall be responsible for the matters in relation to the posts they made.
  3. Users’ posts in our Service may be disclosed in search services and related promotions. Some amendments, copies and editions may be made to the extent deemed necessary for such exposure.
  4.  In the event a user’s post in our Service violated another person’s copyrights, program copyrights, etc, it can be reported through the Service Center operated by Mathpresso. Mathpresso Inc. may review the report and delete the posts in question.
  5. Users shall not use information obtained using Mathpresso Inc’s service for profit or let a third party use it by reproducing, sending, publishing, distributing, broadcasting and other methods without Mathpresso’s consent in advance.
  6. The contents of users’ “question posts” may be extracted and stored in a separate form from its original format. 


Article 15 [Attribution of Rights]

  1. Copyright and intellectual property rights in our Services shall be reserved to Mathpresso Inc. However, users’ posts and works provided under the partnership agreement to be excluded.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. grants users the right to use paid contents in accordance to the terms of use. Users cannot dispose this right through transfer, sales, or collateral provision.


Article 16 [Orders and Purchases]

  1. Members may apply for the purchase of goods and contents through the company procedure. The following points shall be displayed on each product and content or related posts:
  • Goods, name of content, substance, price, age limit of goods and contents


  1. Users can pay for paid services through a procedure specified by us. However, payment by minors shall be made in the name or consent of the legal guardian. The legal guardian has the ability to cancel the contract of the child (minor) that is signed without his or her consent.


Article 16-1 [Cancellation and Refund]

  1. Users who terminated the contract with us in relation the the use of paid services may apply for a refund within 7 days from the date of purchase or the start date of using paid services.
  • If you are a paid user, you are considered to have used the value of the product due to the nature of digital content. Therefore, in accordance to Article 17 <Subscription Withdrawal, etc.> paragraph 2 of the <Act on the Consumer Protection in Electric Commerce, etc.>, it will be considered that the goods value has decreased significantly, and a portion of the purchase price shall be refunded. The refund rate is as follows:


Amount remaining/ Refund rate:

Over 80% remaining: 70% purchase amount

50%~80% remaining: 50% purchase amount

30%~50% remaining: 30% purchase amount

Under 30% remaining: non-refundable


(Extra charge based on payment agency / bank fees)

  • Refund will not be possible if the user’s account is suspended due to violation or possible violation of the Terms.


  1. Request for refund could be made through Mathpresso service center


  1. Refunds would be processed within three business days from the date we reply to the users’ refund request. If the refund is not possible, the users shall be notified in advance.
  2. All Qanda’s paid services are non-refundable after 7 days from the date of purchase or the start date of using paid services.


Article 17 [Coin Accumulation]

  1. Teacher users receive coins when their answers to the questions posted by the student users of Qanda is selected.
  2. The details of coins accumulated can be checked from Qanda’s application’s in-screen service.
  3. Whenever there is difference between the amount of coins entered on the server and that on the client, the standard amount shall always be the figures referred on the server. The difference in the amount of coins due to synchronization between the server and the client cannot be corrected.
  4. The levies/ tax generated from the coins accumulated shall be the user’s responsibility.
  5. Coins cannot be transferred, inherited, lent or used for collateral. Exception can be made with Mathpresso’s approval.


Article 18 [Use of Affiliate Content]

  1. Users can use and purchase various affiliated content in the Service using the coins accumulated.
  2. The context of affiliated content may change depending on Mathpresso’s negotiation circumstances with the related business.
  3. In the case of affiliated content used at sites such as coffee shops and convenience stores, Mathpresso Inc. will be considered to fulfill its duty by sending the related barcode to the users’ account.
  4. If a refund is requested for a coupon solely due to a change of heart, 90% of the coupon amount will be given as coins. However, coupon refunds will be limited after 3 days, starting from the date of purchase.
  5. There are some non-refundable items, in which case it will be specified in the coupon details.
  6. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be held liable if the affiliated company is clearly responsible in the dispute related to the use of affiliated content.


Article 19 [Cash Redemption of Coins]

  1. Uses with certain amount of coins or more may redeem it to cash on the Service’s “store” screen following the procedures set by Mathpresso Inc.
  2. The minimum amount of coins that can be converted into cash is determined by Mathpresso Inc.’s policy and can be checked within our Service.
  3. In principle, the conversion rate is one dollar ($1) per 5,000 coins. However, fees maybe incurred depending on the operating policy. Details can be checked on our Service.
  4. The payment will be considered to have been duly fulfilled when Mathpresso Inc. deposits the amount into the bank account designated by the user.
  5. Cash conversion is treated as a business income under the <INCOME TAX ACT> and 3.3% (including local taxes) of the total amount that will be withheld. Additional information will be requested to the user for cash redemption and withholding income tax.
  • Name of bank, account number, name of account holder
  • Resident Registration Number


Article 20 [Correction, Cancellation and Expiration of Coins]

  1. In the event of an error in coin accumulation, users may request correction to Mathpresso Inc. within 90 days from the date of error. Mathpresso Inc. shall correct the problem within 90 days from the date of request if it is confirmed to be legitimate.
  2. If the answer is registered or selected using dishonest means (such as client change, hacking or macro), it will be considered as dishonest accumulation and the coins will be corrected to zero.
  3. Teacher users’ coins have the validity of three months from the date of receipt, and will expire upon expiration date.
  4. Teachers will be notified through push notifications in the app and email 30 days before the amount of coins less than base coins (C 7,500).




Article 21 [Mathpresso Inc.’s Duties]

  1. Mathpresso Inc.’s shall do its best to provide sustainable and stable service.
  2. Mathpresso Inc.’s has the duty to force account deletion or take legal measures in accordance with relevant laws for users who violate these Terms or operation policy set by Mathpresso Inc. or related laws.
  3. Mathpresso Inc. shall protect personal information recorded when a user applies for registration, additional information recorded afterwards and personal information created during the use of Service following the relevant law such as <Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection> etc.
  4. Mathpresso Inc. could send correspondences to the users about the details of its Service and usage for smooth operation (through notice, SMS, E-mail).
  5. Mathpresso Inc. shall do its best to provide convenience to the users in the procedure and content regarding contracts such as signing a Use contract, modifying and terminating the details of a contract.
  6. Mathpresso Inc. does not guarantee the authenticity of the gender/school/grade entered by the users. We verify the school's information of Teachers’ user during registration process following our internal policy. However, Mathpresso Inc. shall not be held liable for the authenticity of the documents submitted by the users.


Article 22 [Termination of Contract]

  1. Mathpresso Inc. acknowledges the following conditions in relation to the termination of contract:
  • Request for account withdrawal at users’ will.
  • Expression of such intention to Mathpresso Inc.
  1. Users who fail to faithfully fulfill their obligations or have acted in violation of these Terms and policies may be forced to withdraw without prior notice. If it is considered difficult to continue to fulfill a contract due to users’ circumstances, those accounts may be suspended and terminated (i.e. in case of dead or missing users, dormant users who has been inactive for certain period of time or longer}


Users may appeal the measures of this paragraph according to the procedures set by Mathpresso Inc. If the objection is justified, Mathpresso Inc. shall immediately resume its service to the users.


  1. In the event of violation to these Terms or other actions violating the laws of the Republic of Korea, users shall be deprived of their right without warning and Mathpresso Inc. shall not provide any compensation to the users.


Article 23 [Privacy Protection]

  1. Mathpresso Inc. believes protection of users personal information is very important. We are doing our best to ensure good user experience in Qanda’s service and thorough protection of personal information provided to Mathpresso Inc.
  2. Details regarding the privacy protection can be found in Privacy Policy provided in digital format on the Qanda website.


Article 24 [Disclaimer]

  1. Mathpresso Inc. may change the Service provided according to operation and technical needs. Details of the change and the date of delivery will be posted on the website operated by Mathpresso Inc. or notified to users via E-mail or SMS. However, in the event where Mathpresso Inc. cannot notify in advance such as the occurrence of fatal bug, server failure, or resolution of an urgent security issues, we may give notification after the event has occurred.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. may limit some parts or all service use in the event of the following:

(1) In cases of uncontrollable events such as war, natural disaster, or national emergency

(2) In cases of there is difficulty in normally using our service due to events such as power failure, equipment failure or heavy traffic

(3) In cases of unavoidable reasons such as repair or construction of service facilities

(4) In cases where service is not available due to various circumstances of Mathpresso Inc.


  1. In the event where Mathpresso Inc. needs to discontinue part or all of its service due to service restructuring, operational necessities, or an urgent situation, it may be notified on its website 30 days in advance and the service may be discontinued. Users cannot claim compensation for a subscription product or expired items when part or all of the service is discontinued. In case of permanent/fixed items, the period of usage would end until the end date of service announced at the time of discontinuation notice.
  2. Mathpresso Inc. shall be exempted from liability of any issues caused by discontinuation of telecommunication service or operation failure by the telecommunication service providers.
  3. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be held liable for any failure in service use due to reasons attributable to users. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be held liable for damages caused by users’ failure to understand the contents of the service or obtain the expected benefits from the service provided.
  4. Mathpresso Inc. shall not be held liable for the credibility and accuracy of user profiles unless it is separately verified, and shall not be liable for any resulting damages including mental or material damages.
  5. Copyright of articles uploaded by users to Mathpresso Inc.’s posts is reserved to users themselves. Users shall be liable for all civil and criminal charges arising from issues such as authentic of posts, defamation and copyright infringement.
  6. Users shall be liable for issues caused by negligence of their duties to check the notice posted on Mathpresso Inc’s website, etc.
  7. Mathpresso Inc. does not guarantee the identity of the users. In addition, the assailant user shall be held liable if he or she causes economic, mental or material damage to other users.


Article 25 [Settlement of Dispute]

  1. Disputes regarding to the transaction or use of content between Mathpresso Inc. and users may be settled through the company’s service center.
  2. The jurisdiction of a lawsuit between Mathpresso Inc. and users shall be the court which has jurisdiction over the users’ address or residence at the time of filing. However, if the users’ address or residence is unclear at the time of filing, the jurisdiction shall be decided according to the <CIVIL PROCEDURE ACT>.


Article 26 [Copyright Attribution and Limitation in Use]

  1. All rights such as trademark, logo and intellectual property in relation to our Service and advertising contents are reserved to Mathpresso Inc.
  2. Users shall not use the information obtained using our Services for profit or let it used by a third party by means of reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting or other means without Mathpresso Inc’s consent in advance.


Article 27 [Termination of Service]

  1. Mathpresso Inc. shall inform users three months prior to the date of termination of service by means of Article 3 Paragraph 3 of these terms.
  2. Coins that have been accumulated as of the date of notice on termination of service must be used following these Terms by the end date of service. Users cannot claim the rights to the coins as they will expire automatically after the termination of service.
  3. Some services may be restricted from the date of notice on termination of service until the end date of service.


Article 28 [Governing Law and Jurisdiction]

  1. Any legal disputes between Mathpresso Inc. and its service users shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea.
  2. Any cases concerning disputes between Mathpresso Inc. and its service users shall be filed to the Seoul Central District Court or the court of jurisdiction under the <CIVIL PROCEDURE ACT>.



<Addendum> Revised at December 4th, 2019.

These Terms shall apply as of December 18th, 2019.