[Qanda Operating Policy (V1.0)]


Qanda helps to develop education field. Using Qanda means everyone on the platforms strives to provide and deliver the best possible education. Qanda users shall be responsible and respectful to the people who work under Qanda, and we believe you will do a great job. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure Qanda as the best place for study.


Please follow the rules because Qanda will be your best partner / learning platform if you follow a few rules. Instead of trying to avoid our operational policy, please kindly respect and understand it for those who want to build a good platform together.



Declaration Policy

Not all Qanda's content may be satisfactory. If you feel the content is inappropriate, please kindly report it via the flagging feature for Qanda team to review. The Qanda team will review the content has been reported to ensure a better platform.


Reporting inappropriate content as Qanda users play an important role in ensuring that good contents are distributed on the platform. Content reporting is anonymous and no one else knows who reported it. The content reported will be reviewed by our management in accordance with this Policy and Terms of Use.


For student members

You can report from search, teacher's answer / report the teacher, problem collection service solutions, Pick and Notes contents.


For teacher members

You can return (report) it from the problem preview screen / report students when answering questions.


Negative impact on Qanda

Qanda does not tolerate behaviors that have a negative impact on the platform environment that we have created together. Depending on the severity of the user's negligence, various factors can be considered depending on whether the activity is truly prohibited by Qanda. Qanda takes a number of steps, from suspending users to cancelling accounts and re-collecting the coins.


Actions that endanger users and other management

  • Sexual content

  • Threatening language, like abusive language

  • Malicious content

  • If your nickname or profile offends another user, including swearing, discrimination or hate


Invasion of personal information, impersonation

  • When posting content that includes other people's personal information (including portrait rights)

  • When using services by stealing / retrieving other people's personal information

  • When asking for other people's personal information (e.g. Ktalk ID, face picture, etc.)

  • Encourage others to commit suicide or suicide



  • (In the case of teacher members) Violation of the teacher's guide (obtaining coins from dishonest behaviours, etc.)

  • Report fake submissions or report other users

  • Inappropriate language, such as abusive language

  • Posing as the Qanda team



Policy report

Qanda is using human labors and technology to monitor inappropriate contents.


If your activity is known to violate this policy, you will receive a warning. If you later known to violate again the policy, you will receive a seven day suspension (second warning). After seven days from the starting date of suspension, the restriction will be released automatically and you can resume your activities. However, if there are other policy violations, you will receive a second, long-term suspension (30 days). After this last violation, your account and device will be permanently suspended.


  • Warning: First violation

  • First suspension (7 days): When having 2 warnings in total

  • Second suspension (30 days): When having 3 warnings in total

  • Permanent restriction: When having 4 warnings in total


In addition, depending on the severity of inappropriate user behavior (serious violations such as sexual content or the discovery of two or more violations at that time), actions can be taken immediately and permanently without another warnings and suspensions. In particular, if coins are accumulated from dishonest behaviour, coins can be collected and terminated permanently regardless of the amount of fraud and prior warning / suspension.


What happens to you when you receive a warning

When you receive a warning, relevant information will be sent through the Contact Us message, which will also appear on the screen in the application and My page. Information shared as follows:

  • Content that is removed

  • Policy violated

  • What you could do

  • Warning history and actions


In accordance with the warning, the impact on user activity is as follows:



Users who are unfamiliar with the platform environment and operational policies can make mistakes. We would only give warning if an initial violation occurs, given the possibility of a deliberate violation. Please note that you will only be given one warning, and if there are more policy violations, please note that there will be certain suspension period if the violation happens again. If you wish to appeal this warning, please contact us by sending a message.


First suspension (7 days)

If you are found to have violated Qanda's operating policy for the second time, you will receive the first suspension (7 days). During the suspension period, you will not be able to do anything on the Qanda platform, including coin-related activities. Additionally, if the violation is related to the acquisition of coin through dishonest behaviors, the total amount of the coin can be re-collected by Qanda, and the application for refund and execution will be suspended. After seven days, all activities will be restored to normal, but the suspension and warning will not disappear.


Second suspension (30 days)

If you are found to have violated the operating policy again after the first suspension, you will receive a second suspension (30 days). Once again, during the suspension period, no activity on the Qanda platform allowed, including coin-related activities. Additionally, depending on the violation, if the violation involves the acquisition of coins through dishonest behaviours, a full coin re-collection by Qanda can occur. If no other issues/ violations occur, all activities will be automatically restored after 30 days, but the suspension and warning history will not disappear. Last chance.


Permanent restriction

If the violation is being conducted again after the second suspension, we will permanently suspend account, device, and student ID information verified. In addition, coins will be re-collected in full by Qanda and no refund will be made.



Other Policies

Inactive account Policy

You must be an active member of Qanda. Qanda can withdraw accounts that have been inactive for a long time, and the coins will expire at the end of their validity. Conditions that can be considered as inactive accounts meet the following conditions:


Not entering Qanda for more than 6 months (180 days)

  • There were no question and answer activities in Qanda for more than 6 months (180 days)

  • Not actively involved in using or producing contents


Promotes violation of Terms of Service

  • Posting content that encourages other users to violate the Terms of Service can result in the removal of content, restricting account activity, and in some cases, account termination


Appeal Procedure After Warning and Suspension

Please review this Teacher Policy and Guide before submitting an appeal. You can only appeal 7 days after receiving a warning or suspension.


After you submit an appeal through Contact Us, you will be able to see the results on the same screen after the management has reviewed the incident.


If your appeal is accepted, the warning / suspension will be cancelled. There are no additional disadvantage for rejecting an appeal, and you can only appeal once for each warning / suspension.


(Created 30 August 2019)


This operating policy takes effect on September 23, 2019.