Department of Education PASIG Division Region of Pampanga NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Candaba SUMMATIVE TEST IN MATHEMATICS 9 Name: (1" Quarter) Teacher Section: Score: Date: LEach item requires you answer or solve a problem. Write the letter of your answer on your answer sheet. (30 irems) 1. It is the value of the expression b-4ac in the quadratic formula a. discriminant b. roots C. solutions d. quadratic inequalities 2.A mathematical sentence in which the value of the left side of the mathematical sentence is equal on the right side of the mathematical sentence. a. roots b. equation 3. It is a polynomial equation of degree two c. inequality d. quadratic equations that can be written in the form ax + bx +c0, where a, b and care real numbers and a 0. a. Linear Equation b. Linear Inequality c. Quadratic Equation d. Quadratic inequality 4. Which of the following is a quadratic equation? a. 2x + 4x - 1 b. 3y -2 -8 c. 2x-92 3 d. x+ 5x-40 5. In the quadratic equation 2x+ 8x - 6 = 0, a. 2x b. x $n$ $nbtbe9$ $3drotc$ $8x$ $aatlonx2+5x+7=0$ $2$ term? h-a3 v6 e? 6. How many real roots does the quadratic equation a. 0 b. 1 7. What is the nature of the roots of the quadratic equation if the value of its discriminant a. The roots are not real. b. The roots are irrational and not equal. cT. Thhe e d. rrooootts s are rational and neoqit s ezualqe. roua? l. are rational and 8. The roots of a quadratic equation are -5 and 3. Which of the following quadratic equations roots? 15 = 0 $b.x^{2}+8x+15=0$ $cx^{2}-2x-15=0$ $dx^{2}+2x-15=0$ 9. $h3s$ $csero$ $x^{2}$ $8x+1$ $mt\bar{n} otme$ $a2x^{2}$ $+4x=3$ following quadratic equations b. x-8x-4=0 c. h3axs -n2x o r-ea5 l roots? 10. Which of the following mathematical statements is a quadratic 11. One of the roots of b2. x 7x-+1123<x 0 $c3x^{2}+7x-2\geq 0$ inequality? $a.2x^{2}$ $-3x-5=0$ roddodt. ? . . - x5+/22 x8+x+x1+57==0 0 $13x+20=0ls4.mmatstncothc$ a. - % b. -5/2 C. % 12. What are the roots of the quadratic equation $x^{2}+x-56=07$ $8and7$ a. 2 and -1 b. 8 and -7 13. W- h7 at is the sum a. obf t. he -6 roots of the quadratic equation $d.33nd-2$ $x2+6x-14=07$ $d.14$ C.-3 14. Which of the following quadratic equations 4cxa-in t9s -bwe 0 idth area $a.x^{2}+7x+12=0$ $b.2x^{2}+7x-3=0$ C. solve aned astilhe y dby . 3exx+tirs 2a1cx-4 t8im=ng 0 ?. sqHuoaw re lronog otiss ? 15. The length of a garden is 5 meter longer than the garden? a. 9 m b. 7 m 16. What is the standard form of a quadratic ce. q5 uam tion? d. 2 m a. ax = 0 $cax+bx+c=0$ $^{2}+bx+c=0$ 17. What is the $α=0$ $aloeotclntheeq$ equation x-2x 0? a. 0 b. 1 C.2 d. 3 18. Which of the following coordinates of points belong to the $solatonsetotthe$ inequality $r<2x2=5x-17$ $a\left(3.2\right)$ b. (-2,9) c. (1,6) width. If the area $4\left(3.1\right)$ $otte$ $a16$ less than 50 m 19. The length of the wall is 12 m more than its which of the following could be its length? a. 3 m b. 4 m c1. 5 m d. 16 m
7th-9th grade
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