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7th-9th gradeOther
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Qanda teacher - mrmark
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search-thumbnail-Activity. Practice Exercises. 
Without graphing, identify the kind of $5y5$ system and state whether the system of linear equation has exactly 
$\left(8$ $90$ $0n$ $0$ solution or infinitely many solutions. 
$2$ $x+2y=7$ $x-y=4$ 
$z$ 2 $2x+y=3$ $4x+2y=6$ 
$3$ $x-y=3$ $4x-4y=12$ 
$4$ $2x-3y=-3$ $y=\dfrac {2} {3}x-2$
10th-13th gradeAlgebra
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search-thumbnail-$2x$ $2$ $\left(x-3y=3$ 
C. Given the graph, categorize the kind of system of linear equations. 

$1.$ $\times $ $3.$ 
$5$ $7.$ 

$2$ $4$ $4$ $f$ 
$6.$ $8$ 
$1AL$ Witheut gran bing $1=$
7th-9th gradeOther
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