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7th-9th gradeOther
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Qanda teacher - Rashmi ka
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if you have any doubt so pls ask me to know

We are only one question allow at time by qanda policy

if you are satisfied with my ans so pls do like and give me rating 5 star and also thankyou gift for coins...(3000) it's very urgent it does not reduce your coin balence

please evaluate ans dear

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search-thumbnail-If the sum of two consecutive 
numbers is $45$ and one number is $X$ 
.This statement in the form of 
equation $1s:$ 
$\left(1$ Point) $\right)$ 
$○5x+1$ $1eft\left(x+1$ $r1gnt\right)=45s$ 
$○sx+1ef\left(x+2$ $r1gnt\right)=145s$ 
7th-9th gradeAlgebra
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