Independent Assessment $1$ In order to join a voice lesson class, you pay a $P1,500.00$ $pcsos$ fee, then $P500.00$ $\left(c$ cach class you go to. What is the average cost per class? Graph the function to show whether it $tom$ a straight line or a curve. Independent Assessment $2$
10th-13th grade
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49 $7.585$ O 85 $sen-Math11$ $Q1$ $Mod7.d...$ $\square $ IE can DE UUserveu uR UIE TUIGUUT IUTIRU a cUrve. What's More In the following activities, read each situation carefully to solve each problem. Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper. Practice Activity 1 Represent this rational equation through table and graph. Identify whether the graph forms a straight line or a curve. $f\left(x\right)=\dfrac {x+3} {x+1}$ have an equation, we can skip a. $a1=4$ $nan$ a word problem, you cannot skip $tis^{span}$ $ca$ $n$ $coccc4$ $c$ $1∈n=tb$ Note that wSChineocnn se tgrwuice vt en b. of values from -2 to 2 Substitute the value of x to obtain f(x). $nsn0at$ $d$ $i$ $\dfrac {+s00s} {\dfrac {n} {6x\right)}}$ --1 2 -1 2 undefined 3 2 The functcion . is undefined when x= -1 since it makes the denominator zero. $Pα5°po$ $sm0cncm$ pointos r in the Cartesian $pt0\infty amd$ determine whether the points form a a straight line. By plotting the points obtained in B we ca an get, Independent Assessment 1 In order to join a voice class, you pay a the pesos shfow ee, wthheen thPe5r 0i0t .f00 ormfs or each class P1,500.00 linye ou or go a to. What is the average lcesosst on per class? Graph function to a straight CUrve. Independent Assessment $\dfrac {2} {mog}$ Represent this rational equation table and graph. forms a straight line or a curve. $r\left(x\right)=\dfrac {x^{2}+1} {x+1}$ $what1canD0$ Read and analyze the situation below then answer the question given. Rational function is one of the functions that is underappreciated because they say we cannot $a^{se4m}$ real life. No. Rational function can be seen in most of our daily activities, we just didn't know Basketball League In an $1c1$ $2$ $00$ basketball league, the team from Hermana Fausta has won 12 out of 25 games, a winning percentage of 48%. We have seen that they need to win 8 games consecutively to raise their percentage to 60%. What will their winning percentage if they win 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 games? Can they reach a 100% winning percentage? (hint: try to substitute 300 games). Write your interpretation on the space provided. Here are the steps to solve the problem and the rubric that will guide you in giving the correct representations to the problem. Steps in Problem Solving Possitle Highest Points Your Score 1. Give the Appropriate model or equation 3 points Can't connect. Check if you're online. ASSeSSmOnt $=$
10th-13th grade
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