What is It In the previous activity we see a real- life scenario, which can be analvzed mathematically. To be able to determine the amount of relief that will be distributed to 850 families we first add the donations and the total budget of the barangay, The totel $lonations$ obtained is P95,000 while the budget of the $barangay$ is $P347.000$ which gives donat of $P442.000$ This amount will be divided by 850 families to obtain P520.00 $Ho$ $ycycr$ there are cases that one quantity varies that in this case it is the total number of $\left(amilics$ Due to unavoidable circumnstances such as being $strandcd$ and change of $rcsidcncy$ we cannot control that variable. As a result, another computation was made. After the first day of survey it was determined that there are 855 families living in $barangay$ then the amount of relief each family will receive will be $P516.96$ After tthhe e second day it was determined that there were $882tamilics$ living in the barangay then the amount of relief will be changed to $P501.13.$ After the third day the amount of the relief will be P485.71 and after the fourth day it will become $P474.76$ $Howcvcr$ we also use a model that will $oprcscn$ real - life $it$ $1ations$ In this module you will leacran n how to $rcprcscn$ real-life $sitt1ntions$ using rational functions.
10th-13th grade
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