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in above question option d is correct

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search-thumbnail-$Q.3$ which of the following is equal to 
$\times n_{33}$ 
$○$ $a\right)$ $\times n_{6-\times n_{3}}$ 
$○$ b) $\right)$ $\times n6.\times 13$ 
$○$ $c\right)$ $\times n_{6/\times n3}$ 
$○$ d) $\right)$ $\left(\times n_{6}{\right)_{3}}^{n}$
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search-thumbnail-$8.$ When we divide $4$ points 
$-16\times n_{4y}n_{3+20\times n_{3y}n_{2-4\times n_{2y}}}$ by 
$-4\times y$ the result $1s:$ 
$O$ A. $4x^{A}3y^{n}2-5x^{n}2y+x$ 
$○$ $B$ B. $-4\times n_{3y}n2-5{x_{2y-xy}}^{n}$ 
$○$ O C. $4x^{n}3y^{n}2+5x^{n}2y-y$ 
$○$ $D$ D. $4x^{A}3y^{A}2-5\times n2y+1$
7th-9th gradeAlgebra
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