$0IREc\pi ON$ Answer the following questions. Choose the $e++crot+hecomcc$ answer. 1. Which of the following expressions is a rational algebraic expression? a+b $a\dfrac {a+b} {c}$ $b.\dfrac {a^{-3}+b} {c}$ $a+b$ $c-$ $c^{2}$ d. is incorrect? 2. If is a rational algebraic expression, which of the following conditions a. Q>0 $b.Q+0$ $c.O<0$ $d.O=0$ 3. Which of the following expressions is NOT a rational algebraic expressions? $c.\dfrac {3x\bar{2} } {y^{2}+2y+1}$ $d.x^{2}+4x+5$ a. x+2. y b. meaningless? 4. What value of x will make the expression x-1 a. -1 b. 0 c. 1 d. 2 5. Which of the following describes a rational algebraic expression? 1. both the numerator and denominator are polynomials exponent il. no $n0n-intoga$ iI, the denominator is zero a.i only b. i,i and i c. ii and i d. i and i 6. What is the final step in simplifying rational algebraic expressions? a. factor the numerator and the denominator b. multiply the remaining factors in the numerator and denominator C. divide out the common factors of the numerator and denominator d. interchange the numerator and denominator 7. Which of the following is the simplest form of $\dfrac {-21a^{2}b^{2}} {28a^{1}b^{3}}7$ 43a. b $b.\dfrac {-3} {4ab}$ C. -43. ab $d.\dfrac {-3} {-4ab}$ a. 8. $mnatstn0$ $simplosttomot\dfrac {7d+7c} {d^{2}-c^{2}}7$ d-e $d^{\dfrac {7} {-d-c}}$ d+7. e $b^{\dfrac {d+c} {-7}}$ C. a.
7th-9th grade
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