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7th-9th gradeAlgebra
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Qanda teacher - bhargavi
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search-thumbnail-In the set of ordered pairs $\left(\left(2,4\right),\left(3,5\right),\left(2,6\right),\left(-1,2\right)\right)$ what is the domain?
7th-9th gradeOther
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search-thumbnail-Exercise $1$ Given the graph, complete the set of ordered pairs and the table of values, and draw 
the mapping diagram. 
Set of ordered $pairs$ $\left(\left(-2,-2\right)$ $\left($ $,$ $\right),$ $\left($ $\right),\left($ $1$ $,\right),0$ $\right)\right)$ $1$ 
Table Mapping Diagram 
$x$ $y$ 
$C-$ $\times $
7th-9th gradeOther
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