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search-thumbnail-3. If $x=1$ is a common root of $ax^{2+},ax+2=0$ and $x^{2}+x+b=0$ then ab 
$ax^{2}+ax+2=0$ =0 $x^{2}+x+b=0$ 4 R aa ae $x=1$ 
10th-13th grade
$3.$ If $x+2$ is a factor of $x^{2}+ax=2b$ and $a+b=4$ $1hcn$ 
afa $x^{2}+ax+2b$ T $x+2$ $a+b=4$ a : 
$\left(1\right)$ $a=-1,$ $b=5$ $\left(2\right)$ $a=5,b=-1$ 
$\left(31$ $a=1,$ $b=3$ $\left(4\right)$ $a=3,b=1$
10th-13th grade
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