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Expand the expression
$4 \times 2x$
$8 x$
Organize polynomials
$\color{#FF6800}{ 4 } \color{#FF6800}{ \times } \color{#FF6800}{ 2 } \color{#FF6800}{ x }$
$ $ Arrange the constant term $ $
$\color{#FF6800}{ 8 } \color{#FF6800}{ x }$
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search-thumbnail-$4$ What is $\left(\times +1\right)$ times $2\times 7$ 
$42$ $2\times +2$ 
b. $2x^{2}+2$ 
C. $2x+x$ 
d. $2x^{2}+2x$ $1$
7th-9th grade
Probability and Statistics
search-thumbnail-the remainder obtained on dividing $\left(x\right)-3x^{2}+x-1$ 
$4$ the $f\left(10$ of $x+1.10x$ 
t us consider some more examples. 
$7$ Divide the polynomial $442x^{4}-4x^{2}-3x-1$ $x$ 
and verify the remainder with zero of the divisor. 
$111$ $f\left(x\right)=2x^{4}-4x^{2}-3x-1$ 
st see how many times $2x^{4}$ is of x. 
$\dfrac {2x^{4}} {x}$ $2$ 
w multiply $\left(x-1\right)\left(2x^{3}\right)-2x^{4}-2x^{3}$ 
again sce the first term of the remainder that
7th-9th grade
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