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Factorize the expression
$\left( x ^{ 2 } -x \right)$
$x \left ( x - 1 \right )$
Arrange the expression in the form of factorization..
$\color{#FF6800}{ x } ^ { \color{#FF6800}{ 2 } } \color{#FF6800}{ - } \color{#FF6800}{ x }$
$ $ Bind the expressions with the common factor $ x$
$\color{#FF6800}{ x } \left ( \color{#FF6800}{ x } \color{#FF6800}{ - } \color{#FF6800}{ 1 } \right )$
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search-thumbnail-If the sum of two consecutive 
numbers is $45$ and one number is $X$ 
.This statement in the form of 
equation $1s:$ 
$\left(1$ Point) $\right)$ 
$○5x+1$ $1eft\left(x+1$ $r1gnt\right)=45s$ 
$○sx+1ef\left(x+2$ $r1gnt\right)=145s$ 
7th-9th grade
search-thumbnail-$s|ef\left(-1n$ $\left($ }\right)^{50}\ $\right)$ \ | | is\ equal\ to\ $S$ 
7th-9th grade
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