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$20$ $25$ 


$\left(A\right)$ $A\right)2$ 
$21frac\left(5\right)\left(9\right)$ \) 
$\left(B\right)$ $B\right)$ $1\left(211$ 
$\left(C\right)$ $1\left(21$ $21+rac\left(7\right)+9\right)$ \) 
$\left(D\right)$ $1\left(2\right)$ 2\frac{8}{9} 
$ac\left(8\right)\left(9\right)$ \) $9:18PM\sqrt{} $
1st-6th grade
search-thumbnail-Which of the following rational numbers are 
A \frac{5}{6}, \frac{30}{36} 
B $s\sqrt{rac\left(} -2\right)\left(3\right)\sqrt{1rac} \sqrt{4\right)16\right)4} $ 
C $s\sqrt{11aC\left(} -4\right)1-7b,\sqrt{1rac\left(16\sqrt{35\right)9} } $ 
D \frac{1}{2},\frac{3}{8}
7th-9th grade
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