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If $x$ is $6$ what $|s$ 
$\dfrac {1} {3}x$ 
1st-6th grade
search-thumbnail-Tovah solves the equation $\square 1aTex$ $ltac\left(1\right)\left(x+3\right)+lirac\left(2\right)\left(x\right)=ltrac\left(3\right)\left(x+3\right)$ $an0$ 
obtains $-1aTe\times $ $x\right):=-3:\right):x\left(:=1:0$ 
Determine if $21a$ $aTex:$ $x\right):=:-3$ $:or\left(:x\right):=0$ extraneous. Justify your answer. 
$On|yx=-3$ is extraneous and $x=0isa$ real solution. 
$○$ $Onbyx=0$ is extraneous and $x=-3is$ real solution. 
$○$ Both solutions are extraneous because when $x=-3$ and $x=0$ are substituted into the original 
equation, it makes a denominator equal to zero and you canhot divide by 0 (undefined). 
$○$ O Both $x=-3andx=0$ are real solutions. There are no extraneous roots.
10th-13th grade
search-thumbnail-Can you answer this? 
$20$ $25$ 


$\left(A\right)$ $A\right)2$ 
$21frac\left(5\right)\left(9\right)$ \) 
$\left(B\right)$ $B\right)$ $1\left(211$ 
$\left(C\right)$ $1\left(21$ $21+rac\left(7\right)+9\right)$ \) 
$\left(D\right)$ $1\left(2\right)$ 2\frac{8}{9} 
$ac\left(8\right)\left(9\right)$ \) $9:18PM\sqrt{} $
1st-6th grade
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